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Mottola’s hill was inhabitated since Prehistory, as is proved by the discovery of bronze statues dated back the Iron Age, in 1899.
It was destroyed in 1102 because of the bad government of Muarcaldo, a chancellor from Taranto. During the Middle Age, the first written source went back to the first decades of the XI century, and it refers to the foundation of the “Castellum” in Mottola with a strategic-military function, during the catapan of Basilio Boioannes. After that, in 1102, it was destroyed by the chancellor Muarcaldo from Taranto. During the Norman, Svevo, Angioino and Aragonese domination periods, the town became a Diocese until 1818, when lost the title for Castellaneta, because of a new agreement between Pio VII and Ferdinando I di Borbone.

In 1653 the feud was sold to Francesco Caracciolo VII, the Martina Franca's duke. The submission lasted up to the 1806, with the new feudal laws.

In the Bourbon Restoration period, Mottola followed the Italian unification events, suffering the subversive actions made by "Briganti".

Nowadays Mottola is a very quiet and picturesque town, on the borders between the provinces of Bari and Taranto, between the “Murgia dei trulli” and the Ravines’ land.



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